Case Studies

Learn about the positive impact Stryker products can have on your facility, caregivers and patients.

Safe Patient Handling

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Prime Electric Stretcher Reduces Risk of LBD

Stretcher design has a significant impact on the well-being of HCPs when the backrest and litter are raised and lowered to reposition a patient. Implementing Stryker’s Prime Series stretcher with Electric Backrest can help reduce the risk of lower back disorder to 1% for a HCP when repositioning a patient.

Case Study

Prime Big Wheel Electric Lift Case Study

Stretcher functionality has a significant impact on the well-being of caregivers. Implementing Stryker's Prime Series Stretcher with Big Wheel and with electric lift can help reduce the forces and amount of exertion required of HCPs.


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Zoom Motorized Drive Enhances Efficiency

When scaled to a transport distance of 250 meters, a Zoom-equipped stretcher could save an average of 12 seconds per transport and thus countless annual working hours when all transports are taken into account.

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Penrose Case Study - Prime TC

A comprehensive strategic plan, including the implementation of the Stryker Prime TC Transport Chair can result in reduced transport chair theft and decreased transport chair maintenance costs.

Infection Prevention

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Lexamed Case Study - Prime TC

Properly and effectively cleaning the seated transport device, a device that is frequently used throughout the hospital, is an important part of a hospital’s cleaning and disinfection procedures. Lexamed concluded that the Stryker Prime TC Transport Chair is easier to clean than the traditional wheelchair.

Patient and Staff Satisfaction

Case Study

Staff Satisfaction - Prime TC

The link between staff satisfaction and patient satisfaction, and their ultimate correlation to overall financial performance in this pay-for-performance era, cannot be overlooked. The results of the survey show that caregivers across the country agree that the Stryker Prime TC Transport Chair has helped to improve staff satisfaction.

Fall Prevention

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Patient Falls Reduced at Penrose Hospital

Penrose Hospital emergency department made changes to their patient falls protocol, which included new staff processes and the implementation of Stryker stretchers equipped with the Chaperone Stretcher Exit System. In the first six months after implementing these changes, Penrose experienced no falls in the first six months.

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