Financial Benefits

Stryker equipment is an investment in the well-being of your caregivers and patients.

Increase Equipment Utilization and Minimize Downtime

We understand that efficient patient throughput is a key to financial success. Fully functioning equipment helps maximize the number of patients your facility can efficiently and effectively treat, while helping to minimize caregiver injuries, all of which can have a positive impact on your facility’s bottom line.

Our local Account Managers will partner with your departments to conduct a complete assessment, evaluating the age and condition of your equipment, at no charge. You will receive an overview of the assessment, including maintenance and repair recommendations, to help you ensure your equipment is being properly maintained to minimize downtime.

Enhance Outcomes and Maximize Reimbursements

Patient satisfaction and prevention of never events are top priorities for every facility in healthcare today; scores and outcomes in these areas are tied to reimbursements.

Stryker offers Transport and Temperature Management solutions that are designed to help enhance the patient experience while supporting protocols for initiatives like fall prevention, pressure ulcer prevention and safe patient handling. By investing in these Stryker solutions, patient satisfaction scores could increase and never events could decrease; therefore, reimbursements could increase. Florida Hospital and Penrose Hospital showcase the direct impact Stryker solutions can have on increasing patient satisfaction scores and decreasing the occurrence of never events.

Flexible Financial Options

Facilities need to invest today if they are going to thrive in the future. Stryker offers a variety of flexible financial options, including working with current budgets and offering competitive rates, to help ensure that equipment in use today meets current demands and future goals.
Drive Staff Engagement and Retention

Studies have shown that an engaged staff has a direct positive correlation with patient satisfaction. Improved patient satisfaction leads to improved HCAHPS scores, which translate to larger reimbursements. Nursing engagement and retention have never been more important.

Stryker partners with caregivers throughout the product development process to help ensure that the equipment we deliver directly supports daily activities and addresses common concerns. Stryker equipment is designed to simplify daily tasks, ensure the safety of caregivers and patients, and help caregivers do their jobs as efficiently as possible. Stryker equipment is designed with caregivers, for caregivers; having this kind of equipment in your facility can attract skilled caregivers in this highly competitive job market.

Increase Talk   Value and Attract Patients

An investment in Stryker Patient Handling products is an investment in the health of the community. This is a message your facility can use to attract new patients and retain existing ones. Stryker offers free press kits and other support materials to help you publicize this message in a way that is relevant and will resonate. After all, we’re invested in you, and your success is the best return we could receive.