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Comfortable and Supportive

Eleven interconnected air bladders in the Pioneer Pressure Redistribution Surface constantly adjust to the patient’s weight and position. The air bladders are reinforced with dual-density foam to provide additional comfort and support.
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Pressure Redistribution Technology

With the Pioneer Pressure Redistribution Surface, as the patient’s weight is distributed, air begins to leave the chambers experiencing the highest pressure and is redistributed to the lower-pressure chambers. Over time, the patient continues to immerse into the surface. The resulting effect is a redistribution of pressure, which provides support for the entire body and helps relieve pressure from high-risk areas.
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Purposeful Design

Designed specifically for stretchers, the Pioneer Pressure Redistribution Surface is available in 26-inch and 30-inch widths.
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Ultra Comfort SE Support Surface

Transforming the standard of stretcher support surfaces

When we developed the SE series of stretcher surfaces, we focused our innovative design on aiding in proactive prevention. The Ultra Comfort SE Support Surface was designed with the overall patient experience in mind and has specific features to assist in improving outcomes.*

* Recommended to be implemented in combination with clinical evaluation of risk factors and skin assessments made by a healthcare professional.
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SofCare Stretcher Overlay

This overlay is composed of three distinct layers containing hundreds of compensating air cells that are interconnected through a series of air channels. As the patient lies on the overlay, the cells exchange air and adjust for support, redistributing the patient’s weight over the entire surface. After use, the overlay is easily disposed of.

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