Product Features

Rapr.Round Efficient Warming

Efficient Warming and Cooling

Stryker Rapr.Round body wraps offer more efficient warming and cooling than conventional water blankets and are available in pre-sized kits.

Rapr.Round Glamour

Designed Specifically for Medi-Therm

The Medi-Therm Hyper/Hypothermia System is the most widely installed temperature management solution in hospitals around the world. Rapr.Rounds are the only full-body wrap system that is designed and tested specifically for use with the Medi-Therm System.
Rapr.Round Noninvasive


As a non-invasive, catheter-free alternative, Rapr.Rounds help reduce the risk of infection and are designed for nurse-managed protocols.

Rapr.Round Easy to Use

Easy to Apply

Rapr.Round Wraps apply with a simple closure. Their non-woven material provides gentle, non-adhesive contact with the skin for greater overall comfort and allows the wraps to move with the body during patient repositioning.

Rapr.Round Works with Other Equipment

Works with Other Equipment

Rapr.Round Wraps feature a lower profile chest that allows easy patient access and quick visibility of IV lines and EKG leads. Rapr.Rounds Wraps do not interfere with specialty support surfaces and are defibrillator-proof.
Rapr.Round Kits

Convenient Kits

Each kit contains one vest and two leg wraps. The kits come in stackable boxes that are easy to store, identify and open. They are organized by patient size (small/medium and large).

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