Clinical Educators

You are charged with ensuring your staff has the tools and education they need to properly care for their patients. Stryker equipment and support can help in your efforts.

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Day and night, and month to month, staff is constantly changing. Healthcare equipment has to be easy for caregivers to use so they can focus on patient care – not how to lower the siderail of their stretcher. Simple, intuitive operation is a trademark of Stryker Patient Handling products. To ensure that our products are as straightforward and effortless as possible, we partner with caregivers to design them. This design philosophy provides great insight into the natural tendencies of the end-user so we can determine where efficiencies can be gained, operation can be simplified and technological advances can be made.

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We innovate to make caregivers’ day-to-day jobs easier so they can focus on delivering exceptional patient care. That’s why we created optional features like the Lift Assist Backrest, integrated scales, four-sided brake/steer pedals, advanced mobility solutions and more for our stretchers.

These meaningful innovations simplify the delivery of patient care, which positively influences patient satisfaction and outcomes.

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At Stryker, we believe that with the right technology and processes in place, adverse events can be prevented and patient outcomes can improve. Based on this idea, we were the first to market with the Chaperone Stretcher Exit System, which alerts caregivers if fall- or flight-risk patients leave the stretcher.

We also revolutionized Stretcher Surfaces with the Pioneer Pressure Redistribution Surface. As the first of its kind, this surface helps provide patients with preventive skin care through continuous weight and position adjustment, helping to reduce the risk of skin breakdown.

Surgical site infections are also a key focus when it comes to never events. The Mistral-Air Forced Air Warming System helps regulate normothermia during the OR process, which has proven to be a key part of reducing the risk of surgical site infections.

Stryker Patient Handling products work in conjunction with your facility’s protocols to improve patient outcomes.

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When you purchase Stryker equipment, you are also gaining a partner through the life of the product. Stryker will work with you and your staff during installation, and will conduct thorough training to ensure your staff is comfortable and able to use the product.

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Stryker Stretchers Help Reduce Patient Falls at Penrose Hospital

Penrose Hospital emergency department made changes to their patient falls protocol, which included new staff processes and the implementation of Stryker stretchers equipped with the Chaperone Stretcher Exit System. In the first six months after implementing these changes, Penrose experienced no falls.

Pioneer product on white

Pioneer Pressure Redistribution Surface

Helps provide preventive wound care through continuous weight and position adjustment.
Prime X product on white

Stryker Patient Transport

Mobility solutions to meet your facility and patient population needs.
Mistral Air Forced Air Warming System product

Mistral-Air forced Air Warming System

Enables safe and effective management of patient temperature.