Emergency and Trauma

You have no time to lose, so you need products that don’t waste time – products that are efficient but also keep patient and caregiver safety at the forefront.

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When dealing with trauma and emergency patients, there’s not a second to lose. We know you don’t have time to stop and think about how to operate a stretcher or transfer a patient for an X-ray.  That’s why our products are designed to help you operate as efficiently as possible. After all, it’s our job to make your job easier.

During the product development process, Stryker spends time observing caregivers in action and gaining valuable feedback directly from those who use our products so we can note where efficiencies can be gained. Those notes are translated into the Patient Handling products we design. It’s meaningful innovation that leads to faster, more efficient care and diagnostics, which leads to better outcomes.

It’s also why we’re a proud, long-time partner of the Emergency Nurses Association, which has a legacy of being an authority on delivering efficient and effective care.

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We understand that in this fast-paced environment, the patient is at the top of your mind. But we also understand that you can’t take good care of your patients if you aren’t taking care of yourself. That’s why Stryker stretchers are ergonomically designed to reduce motions that may put your body at risk for injury. Clearview Technology and a dual-deck X-ray platform on our Prime X X-Ray Stretcher reduce the need for transferring heavy patients and allow you to position the cassette to the patient, instead of the patient to the cassette.

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We know patient safety is your top concern. Stryker products used in the trauma environment help enhance patient safety by reducing the need for risky patient transfers by integrating scales and offering X-ray capabilities with image quality similar to an X-ray table. We’ve also integrated one-of-a-kind technology like our Chaperone Stretcher Exit System, which alerts caregivers if patients attempt to leave the stretcher. The Emergency Department at Penrose Hospital implemented Chaperone as a part of a redesigned fall prevention protocol, and experienced no patient falls in the first six months. Our Pioneer Pressure Redistribution Mattress helps reduce the risk of skin breakdown.

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All of our products are designed for caregivers, in partnership with caregivers, so the products you are using on a daily basis will help promote a longer, more fulfilling career. Research shows that positive caregiver experiences translate to positive patient experiences and enhanced outcomes. That is why Stryker uses advanced, yet intuitive, technology to design Patient Handling products that help make caregivers’ jobs safer and easier. In a study at Penrose Hospital, Stryker stretchers helped enhance staff satisfaction by 10%, while also eliminating patient falls in the first six months of use.
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Patient satisfaction starts in the emergency department (ED). In fact, 43% of patients that are admitted to the hospital start in the ED. Stryker stretchers help enhance the patient experience by reducing the need for transfers and offering a smooth ride during transport. Whether their ED visit is 15 minutes or 5 hours, our variety of comfortable mattresses and Comfort Controls on our Prime Series Stretchers help make the patient comfortable during their stay.

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