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When every second matters, you need solutions that are built to perform. That is why our products are designed to drive efficiency, with patient and caregiver safety and satisfaction in mind.

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In today's competitive healthcare environment, both hospitals and caregivers are asked to do more with less. Hospitals have higher patient-to-nurse ratios, more paperwork and more accountability. Caregivers are dealing with more protocols, a growing patient population and job-related injuries.

Stryker Patient Handling products help caregivers provide complete care through intuitive design that becomes a natural part of their daily tasks. Our products also help reduce the amount of time and effort associated with activities like patient positioning and long transports. This helps improve patient throughput, which helps improve a hospital's bottom line.

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Each year, the national obesity rate grows at an alarming pace. In addition, the Affordable Care Act and the aging Baby Boomers mean more people are entering the healthcare system than ever before. In sum, your department is responsible for transporting more heavy patients than ever before. Your staff needs equipment that will help reduce their risk of injury. Stryker Prime Series Stretchers offer solutions like the Zoom Motorized Drive System, which virtually eliminates the effort required to push patients up to 700 lbs, while the new Prime TC Transport Chair is ergonomically designed to reduce awkward bending and reaching to position and transport patients in a seated position.
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From our Transport stretchers to our Temperature Management portfolio, Stryker Patient Handling products deliver when it comes to patient satisfaction. In fact, as a part of a patient satisfaction initiative that included protocol, process, and equipment changes, Florida Hospital implemented Stryker Stretchers and realized a 10% increase in HCAHPS scores in the first year, including increases in “Overall Comfort” and “Willingness to Recommend.”

Stryker Transport stretchers offer a smooth ride and easy maneuverability, so patients aren’t jostled. A wide range of stretcher mattresses such as Ultra Comfort or Pioneer, the industry’s first stretcher Pressure Redistribution surface, give patients an elevated level of support and comfort. Further, our Temperature Management solutions, like the Mistral-Air Warming Suit and T/Pump Localized Therapy System, help manage pain and enhance comfort throughout the hospital setting.

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Research shows that positive caregiver experiences translate to positive patient experiences and enhanced outcomes. That is why Stryker uses advanced, yet intuitive, technology to design Patient Handling products that help make caregivers’ jobs easier. In a study at Penrose Hospital, Stryker stretchers were part of a change in protocol throughout the emergency department that helped enhance staff satisfaction by 10%, while also eliminating patient falls in the first six months of use.

Features on our products also address common repetitive-use injuries among caregivers, to help keep them healthier so that they can focus on their patients’ health. Healthier caregivers can lead to improved retention rates and to overall caregiver satisfaction.

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