Quality and Risk Managers

It’s your job to ensure the safety of everyone – from patients to caregivers – in your facility. It’s our job to design products that help you do that.

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At Stryker, we believe that with the right technology and processes in place, adverse and never events can be prevented and patient outcomes can improve. Based on this idea, we were the first to market with the Chaperone Stretcher Exit System, available on select Prime Series Stretchers, which alerts caregivers if patients leave the stretcher, which can be important for fall- or flight-risk patients.

We also revolutionized Stretcher Surfaces with the Pioneer Pressure Redistribution Surface. As the first of its kind, this stretcher surface helps reduce the risk of skin breakdown through continuous weight and position adjustment.

In addition, the Mistral-Air by Stryker Forced Air Warming System helps caregivers maintain normothermia for patients in the OR. This can be an important component of SCIP initiatives throughout the perioperative process and can help reduce the risk of surgical site infections.

Whether it’s fall prevention, pressure ulcer prevention or preventing other adverse events, Stryker Patient Handling products work in conjunction with your facility’s protocols to improve patient outcomes.

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One of your key concerns is preventing the spread of infection. Many of our Patient Handling products address this concern by being power-washable. They also feature a smooth design to decrease the likelihood of bacteria and viruses getting trapped in nooks and crannies. We design our products with colors that make it easy to identify spots missed during cleaning.

Many of our Temperature Management products have single-patient-use disposables, which also help control infection. Similarly, our SofCare Stretcher Overlay is a single-patient-use solution to preventing and treating pressure ulcers.

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Positive caregiver experiences translate to positive patient experiences. That is why we use advanced, yet intuitive, technology to design Patient Handling products that help make caregivers’ jobs easier. At Penrose Hospital in Colorado Springs, the emergency department realized a 10% increase in staff satisfaction scores after installing Stryker Stretchers in their facility.

Features on our products can help reduce common repetitive-use injuries among caregivers, keeping them healthier so that they can focus on their patients’ health. Healthier caregivers can lead to improved retention rates, overall caregiver satisfaction and an enhanced level of care for patients.

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Stryker has a history of building innovative, reliable products that reach all areas of the hospital. Stryker equipment is rigorously tested to stand the test of time and the demands of the healthcare environment. Our ProCare Service solutions will help ensure product upkeep and preventive maintenance over the life of the product.

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Pioneer Pressure Redistribution Surface

Helps reduce the risk of skin breakdown through continuous weight and position adjustment.
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Patient Falls Reduced at Penrose Hospital

Penrose Hospital emergency department made changes to their patient falls protocol, which included new staff processes and the implementation of Stryker stretchers equipped with the Chaperone Stretcher Exit System. In the first six months after implementing these changes, Penrose experienced no falls.
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ProCare Service Solution

Optimize your investment with a Stryker ProCare service solution, which provides the highest standard of service and support for your facility’s needs.
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Prime Series Stretchers

Customizable mobility options, platforms and surfaces to fit your needs.