Same Day and Outpatient Surgery

When it comes to surgery, Stryker understands you’re at the intersection of patient safety and satisfaction. Our products help you navigate both more efficiently.

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To improve both patient satisfaction and caregiver efficiency, we built Comfort Controls into the siderails of our Stryker Prime Series Stretchers, which gives patients the power to make adjustments for their own comfort rather than use the nurse call for every raised headrest.

In addition, our cushy surface options like the Ultra Comfort Mattress and Pioneer Pressure Redistribution Surface envelop patients in comfort, helping to ensure that their stay, no matter how brief, is beyond satisfactory.

The warmth and comfort provided by Stryker Temperature Management equipment, such as the T/Pump Localized Therapy System and the Mistral-Air Forced Air Warming System, can also make a big difference in patient experience.

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Preventing falls and other adverse events is one way caregivers can help ensure their patients’ safety. That is why Stryker was first to market with the Chaperone Stretcher Exit System, available on select Prime Series Stretchers, which alerts caregivers if fall-risk patients attempt to leave the stretcher. Another key component of patient safety in the peri-operative environment is temperature management. The Mistral-Air by Stryker Forced Air Warming System offers Warming Suits and Full Body blankets for warming pre- and post-surgery, and a wide range of blanket configurations to meet your needs for warming during surgery.
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Whether you have a patient in surgery or in recovery, nothing should distract you from caring for them. We innovate to make your day-to-day job easier. That’s why we created optional features like the Lift Assist Backrest, electric positioning, integrated scales and four-sided brake/steer pedals for our stretchers. Explore the simplicity and efficiency our products offer.

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The healthcare environment is demanding of you, and it is demanding of the equipment you work with. Stryker equipment is rigorously tested to stand the test of time and the hospital setting. Our ProCare Service solutions will help ensure product upkeep and preventive maintenance over the life of the product.

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